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Ms Marvel #1

Saturday, February 8th, 2014


So I really didn’t pay much attention to the hype that went along with the relaunch of this title.  So we’re getting a new Ms. Marvel.  Okay. It makes sense considering that the person who used to be Ms. Marvel is now called Captain Marvel.  This new Ms. Marvel is a teen.  Okay.  Teen superheroes are fun and I enjoy watching them learn and grow as they gain experience.  Oh, and there has been something about her being a Pakistani American and a Muslim.  Why should that be a big deal?  Honestly, I’m not sure but I do know there were people who were unhappy about it even before they read the issue which is not a big surprise but you know what?  There concerns were unwarranted.

The issue follows teenager Kamala Khan.  She goes to high school and wants to fit in.  She deals with her family and their unique quirks and she deals with the restrictions of her religion and customs.  She’s also a fan of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. to the point where she even writes fan fiction about them on the internet.  Basically, it’s about a teenage girl who simply wants to fit in.  Nothing new or unusual.  By the time I finished this issue, I really took a liking to Kamala.  She is more or less just like any teenager.  She hangs out with her friends.  Wants to fit in at school and has your everyday issues with her family.  I like her friends and her family and the interactions feel natural and fun.  I’m curious as to why they chose Jersey City as the setting but I like it.  It’s a refreshing change of pace from New York and I’ll be curious to see if there are background settings that I’ll recognize.

I love the art in this a lot.  It’s a bit stylized but fits the book very well.  Along with the coloring and the inking, it’s just fits.  The writing is also very fun.  All of the characters are interesting and unique.  I got a good sense of who everyone was in this first issue and I am looking forward to learning more about these characters and watching them grow and evolve as the series goes on.  I really like the cover of this a lot and reminds me of a Supergirl cover from the 90’s that I really liked.


This was a fantastic first issue.  It introduces the audience to the main character.  We get to meet her friends and family and see what kind of people they all are and so far, I think these are people worth checking out each month.    I loved how the first issue ended and as of now, I only have two questions that I hope are answered at some point int he series:  1. Why was she chosen to be the new Ms. Marvel.  2. Why does her hair turn blonde when she transforms?  I thought this was very entertaining and I cannot wait for the next issue.  Well done Marvel.