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Death in Comics (and the eventual return)

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

So I’ve been reading about the return of Peter Parker to the Spider-Man comics.  The stories I’ve seen on the geek sites is that Peter Parker will make his inevitable return to his body in the newly relaunched Amazing Spider-Man #1 and my first reaction was, “Well of course he’s coming back.  He’s got a movie coming out roughly a month after that and Peter Parker is Spider-Man in that.”  There was a time where I would have been more excited and it’s not to say I’m not interested or curious to see how Peter comes back but from the moment that he lost his body to Otto Octavius, (aka Dr. Octopus) and became the Superior Spider-Man, I was already wondering how long this was going to last before Peter took back his body and Spider-Man went back to becoming Amazing.  Well it was roughly a year and I don’t know how I feel about it.  I’m not excited or angry or anything.  It’s just a thing that’s happening.

I remember reading the story “Kraven’s Last Hunt” and being so enthralled.  I was in summer camp at the time and my mom was sending me my comic books and at the time I was reading all of the Spider-Man comics and this story starts out and in it, it appears that Kraven has killed Spider-Man.  He then buries him and then puts on Spider-Man costume.  I remember reading the issue and freaking out.  Did Marvel just kill Spider-Man?  What?!  I needed the next issue as soon as I could get it.  Of course, Spider-Man wasn’t dead but for that brief moment, I was actually nervous as to what was coming next.  I don’t completely get that so much anymore.

Comic deaths aren’t a regular occurrence.  It doesn’t always happen every month but when you do read them, it’s supposed to be a game changer.  I don’t know if this is the first death in comics I experienced but it’s the first one I remember reading and it was the death of the Wasp in an issue of Secret Wars.  I couldn’t believe that Marvel was killing off a character I thought was pretty popular and just as I was wondering what was going to happen next, she’s brought back to life.  Even back then, (I was 10 or 11) I thought that it was cool but why was she brought back so quick?  Then I read Crisis On Infinite Earths and that really shock me to my core as a young comic geek.  I still remember reading issue #7 and being very  nervous when it came to the cover.  Then I read the issue and I was so tense throughout the whole issue.  When it got to the moment where Supergirl comes in and attacks the Anti-Monitor to save her cousin Superman, I was feeling so tense, wondering what was going to happen next and then it happened.  Supergirl was killed.  I was so upset about that and then as if I wasn’t sad enough, in the next issue, Barry Allen (the Silver Age Flash) was also killed off and I screamed out a “NOOO” that probably put Darth Vader’s to shame.  

I have read a lot of deaths over the years when it comes to comics.  Characters such as Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Colussus, Jason Todd, Steve Rogers, Wonder Woman and Superman to name a few and the one thing they all have in common when it comes to death is that they have all returned.  Some took longer than others but eventually, somehow they have all returned from the dead and over the years I began looking at deaths in comics and just thinking to myself, “Oh, I wonder when that person will be back?”  It’s not that I’m not invested in the character’s death.  It’s just that with so many deaths in comics and then having that sacrifice overturned by bringing that character back, I then take the next death I read with a bit more skepticism.  As of now, the only deaths in comics that really make me feel anything is the Walking Dead simply because as of this blog, the only way you come back from death in that world is by becoming a zombie so dead is indeed dead which I both love and hate.

I’m reading Nightwing and seeing how he’s being used in DC’s event story “Forever Evil”, I am getting a bad feeling that Dick Grayson may not be long for this fictional world.  It doesn’t really surprise me too much.  Dan Didio hinted in 2006 that he wanted to kill of NIghtwing in a story that took place in 2005 and he’s made the joke a lot since then.  I could see the character being offed in this “Forever Evil” story and while I’m wondering how and even if the powers-that-be over at DC would do that, I’m not as worried about it because as we have learned over the years when it comes to death in comics, dead does not mean dead.  Unless your Uncle Ben and then, well, you’re still dead.

I’m looking forward to Peter Parker’s return.  He’s always been one of my favorite comic book characters and he’s probably my favorite Marvel character but as I said, I’m not surprised about the return.  It’s never been about “If he comes back” but “When he comes back” and so seeing the return talked about on the geek news sites isn’t surprising to me.  I’ll be curious to see how he comes back and what the creative team does with the character once he’s back but the death and return of too many characters in the past has me looking at this as just another thing that’s going to happen and it makes me wonder about my comic book fandom but that’s probably a blog in itself.  So until next time, stay amazing.


A Slight Rant about Comics (I’m looking at you DC Entertainment)

Friday, December 27th, 2013

So.  I feel I need to start off by saying that I like DC Comics.  I feel I need to say that because mostly this post unlike the majority of my posts is going to be at least partly negative.  I don’t like being negative.  I was hoping to make this post about a comic review but after reading the issue, I was very confused about something which will bring me to my rant.  

So, I read Nightwing #26.  It was a pretty good issue.  It has Dick Grayson set up in Chicago in an apartment with roommates, money problems and a new set of supporting characters that I am looking forward to learning more about.  Now you ask, what seems to be the problem with this issue?  Well, I was reading a great story in Nightwing where Nightwing moved to Chicago because he discovered that Tony Zucco, the man who murdered his parents was still alive and living in the Windy City under a different identity.  We learn that Chicago doesn’t like vigilantes, the mayor of the city might not be on the up and up and we are introduced to the New 52 Trickster.  At the end of issue #24, it looks liked Nightwing might even have to team-up with the man who killed his parents.  I was so looking forward to the next issue of this story about Nightwing’s first story that relocates the hero in a new city.  Instead, with issue #25, I got a freaking “Zero Year” crossover story.

For those that don’t know, Zero Year is a Batman story that is sort of a New 52 retelling of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.  It’s a year long story that I guess was deemed worthy of having tie-ins with other comic book series.  I have to say that I only read three of them and while they were good stories, I have no idea what those stories actually had to do with the Batman: Zero Year story itself but what I do know is that these crossovers interrupted the flow of a story that I was really enjoying and it wasn’t just the Nightwing story.  Issue #25 of Batgirl should have been the last part of an amazing story that had Commissioner Gordon chasing after Batgirl for the murder of his son and Batgirl’s brother. (In case you didn’t know, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon.  Commissioner Gordon’s daughter)  In any case, these Zero Year stories were okay but I wanted to read the last part of these incredible stories and so I had to wait until issue 26.

So when I finally read issue 26 of Batgirl, I was happy to see a resolution.  It didn’t lessen my annoyance that I had to wait for the ending of this story but  still enjoyed it.  Then I read Nightwing and I got this new chapter of a story that while I enjoyed, where was the ending of the previous story that I was reading and enjoying?  I was so confused that I decided to text Kyle Higgins, the writer of Nightwing asking him what the heck happened.  The answer I got was that the story was dropped and they (the-powers-that-be) just decided to move on.  So I am reading this new part of an on-going adventure without knowing how the previous story ended and it bothers me.  Maybe more than it should but it bothers me.  By making this decision, the people who have are in charge with this comic series is telling me that they don’t seem to care about the comic book readers.  I don’t know if this was just bad planning or a bad judgement call or whatever, but to just scrap a story that looked I thought had one more issue left to it and move on doesn’t do your fans any good.

Now maybe I’m being harsh.  I can’t believe whoever is in charge would just scrap the last issue of a story without reason.   Maybe whoever is in charge needed to have Nightwing in a particular place by a particular issue and so they couldn’t afford to tell the last issue of the story I was enjoying.  Most likely I will never know the real reason why the story I was interested in and invested in was scrapped and I don’t blame the creative team.  I’m sure they are as bummed out about not being able to finish the story as I am not being able to read it and I hope at some point, I get to find out what happened to this story.  I want to know how it ends.  I hope at some point in time we’ll see what happened when Nightwing and Tony Zucco teamed-up.  I want to know what happened with the mayor.  I want to know why vigilantes are outlawed in Chicago.  I sincerely hope that Kyle Higgins gets to tell his stories.  I hope he gets to tell them and I hope that editorial allows him to do so.  So until next time, be seeing you.