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Avengers: No More Bullying

Friday, January 9th, 2015

I was curious about this particular one-shot ever since I had heard about it.  Marvel doing an anti-bullying comic sounded very interesting to me.  After reading it, I can say I’m glad I gave it a shot.  The book is well worth it.  The overall comic is broken into four short stories.  You get an Avengers story, Guardians of the Galaxy story, a Spider-Man story and then a story that doesn’t involve any of the heroes in a direct way.  I loved all of the stories in different ways.

If I had one complaint about this issue, it would be why did the creators feel the need to put in continuity when it came to the Avengers story.  You basically have the movie Avengers in the story except for the fact that Sam Wilson is Captain America, Thor is in his “Odinson” look and Iron Man is in his “Superior” armor.  Why not just use the characters and costumes that was in the movie?  Other than that, I think the story was pretty good.

Overall, I think this issue worked in a lot of ways.  Each issue shows a different aspect of being bullied and I think the resolution of each story was fantastic and the art for each story was incredible, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy story and the last story that didn’t involve any heroes.  Each story resonated with me in a different way and I really want to recommend this.  Good job Marvel.


Ms Marvel #1

Saturday, February 8th, 2014


So I really didn’t pay much attention to the hype that went along with the relaunch of this title.  So we’re getting a new Ms. Marvel.  Okay. It makes sense considering that the person who used to be Ms. Marvel is now called Captain Marvel.  This new Ms. Marvel is a teen.  Okay.  Teen superheroes are fun and I enjoy watching them learn and grow as they gain experience.  Oh, and there has been something about her being a Pakistani American and a Muslim.  Why should that be a big deal?  Honestly, I’m not sure but I do know there were people who were unhappy about it even before they read the issue which is not a big surprise but you know what?  There concerns were unwarranted.

The issue follows teenager Kamala Khan.  She goes to high school and wants to fit in.  She deals with her family and their unique quirks and she deals with the restrictions of her religion and customs.  She’s also a fan of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. to the point where she even writes fan fiction about them on the internet.  Basically, it’s about a teenage girl who simply wants to fit in.  Nothing new or unusual.  By the time I finished this issue, I really took a liking to Kamala.  She is more or less just like any teenager.  She hangs out with her friends.  Wants to fit in at school and has your everyday issues with her family.  I like her friends and her family and the interactions feel natural and fun.  I’m curious as to why they chose Jersey City as the setting but I like it.  It’s a refreshing change of pace from New York and I’ll be curious to see if there are background settings that I’ll recognize.

I love the art in this a lot.  It’s a bit stylized but fits the book very well.  Along with the coloring and the inking, it’s just fits.  The writing is also very fun.  All of the characters are interesting and unique.  I got a good sense of who everyone was in this first issue and I am looking forward to learning more about these characters and watching them grow and evolve as the series goes on.  I really like the cover of this a lot and reminds me of a Supergirl cover from the 90’s that I really liked.


This was a fantastic first issue.  It introduces the audience to the main character.  We get to meet her friends and family and see what kind of people they all are and so far, I think these are people worth checking out each month.    I loved how the first issue ended and as of now, I only have two questions that I hope are answered at some point int he series:  1. Why was she chosen to be the new Ms. Marvel.  2. Why does her hair turn blonde when she transforms?  I thought this was very entertaining and I cannot wait for the next issue.  Well done Marvel.


Loki: Agent of Asgard

Friday, February 7th, 2014



Confession time.  I haven’t been reading a lot of Marvel aside from Hawkeye in years.  Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept tabs on the Marvel Universe.  What I mean is that I haven’t been invested in a Marvel book month in and month out for awhile.  Reasons are mostly monetary.  I don’t believe in $3.99 books but that’s a topic for a different post all together.  I had seen the preview for Loki: Agent of Asgard in Marvel’s one-shot and thought it was very interesting so when I saw it and noticed the $2.99 price, I thought I would give this book a shot and boy, was I glad I did.

I want to start with the art which I thought it was amazing.  I love the dynamic in the panels and  between the inking and the coloring, it’s just a beautiful book to look at.  The writing is outstanding.  I love the characterization of Loki.  He’s fun and has great interactions with the characters in the book.  I love how Hawkeye can get into so much trouble in a bass fishing simulation game and the fight between Loki and the Avengers was so well written and had me chuckling out loud.  I think the creative team just knocked it out of the park and just made a great comic.

Now I know a little bit about Loki’s backstory and to be precise, his most recent history about dying and then coming back and being a kid so I wasn’t surprised by a teenage Loki.  What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed this young Loki and the way he carries himself and the way he interacts with the various characters in this first issue.  The basis of this first issue has Loki fulfilling a mission for the All-Mother that has him crossing paths with brother Thor and members of the Avengers.  I think it’s interesting that this roster of the Avengers is the same as the one from the movie but it also makes sense.  They tussle and we eventually figure out what Loki’s mission is and why he is doing it which is pretty freaking cool.  He’s a reformed villain trying to undo his villainous past and create a new, more noble one.    I find that interesting and I’m looking to see where this goes.  As for the ending, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Overall, this was a great first issue to what I am hoping will be an intriguing series.  On the top of the cover, it says “Trust me #1” and I agree with this statement 100%.  Check this issue out.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.


A Review (Nightwing #24), An Apology (I’m looking at you DC Entertainment) and of course a slight rant. (Still looking at you DC Entertainment)

Friday, January 10th, 2014

So.  You have to be big enough to admit when you’re wrong and in this particular case, I was wrong.  I read an issue with Nightwing where the ending had him come face-to-face with the man who murdered his parents.  Suddenly, I am reading an annual and then issue #26 which seems to start a whole new story.  What happened to the conclusion of the story I was reading and so I wrote about it.  You know what happened?  The comic book store I go to didn’t put the issue in my folder.  That’s what happened.  So I finally read issue 24 of Nightwing and read the conclusion of the story I wanted to read and you know what?  It was pretty good.  You get the revelation of the Trickster’s motivation.  You get a conclusion to Nightwing’s first adventure in Chicago and it was really quite good.  You do get two setups for future stories.  One is where Tony Zucco becomes the crime guy again and the Chicago Detective is revealed to have secrets of his own that would have been amazing to see and all of that will not come into fruition.

You might be wondering why?  Well the answer is simply that DC Entertainment has some big news for Nightwing.  In case you don’t know, Nightwing’s identity has been revealed in the story called “Forever Evil” and it’s been hinted that his life is in great peril.  I have got a feeling that Nightwing could be no more by the end of this story or at the very least, we may have a new Nightwing going forward and I am not sure how I feel about this.  Now remember, this is all just speculation but like everything else, I will wait and see what DC intends to do and like everything else, if I don’t like it, I can just drop it.  So don’t mess up DC.

A Slight Rant about Comics (I’m looking at you DC Entertainment)

Friday, December 27th, 2013

So.  I feel I need to start off by saying that I like DC Comics.  I feel I need to say that because mostly this post unlike the majority of my posts is going to be at least partly negative.  I don’t like being negative.  I was hoping to make this post about a comic review but after reading the issue, I was very confused about something which will bring me to my rant.  

So, I read Nightwing #26.  It was a pretty good issue.  It has Dick Grayson set up in Chicago in an apartment with roommates, money problems and a new set of supporting characters that I am looking forward to learning more about.  Now you ask, what seems to be the problem with this issue?  Well, I was reading a great story in Nightwing where Nightwing moved to Chicago because he discovered that Tony Zucco, the man who murdered his parents was still alive and living in the Windy City under a different identity.  We learn that Chicago doesn’t like vigilantes, the mayor of the city might not be on the up and up and we are introduced to the New 52 Trickster.  At the end of issue #24, it looks liked Nightwing might even have to team-up with the man who killed his parents.  I was so looking forward to the next issue of this story about Nightwing’s first story that relocates the hero in a new city.  Instead, with issue #25, I got a freaking “Zero Year” crossover story.

For those that don’t know, Zero Year is a Batman story that is sort of a New 52 retelling of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.  It’s a year long story that I guess was deemed worthy of having tie-ins with other comic book series.  I have to say that I only read three of them and while they were good stories, I have no idea what those stories actually had to do with the Batman: Zero Year story itself but what I do know is that these crossovers interrupted the flow of a story that I was really enjoying and it wasn’t just the Nightwing story.  Issue #25 of Batgirl should have been the last part of an amazing story that had Commissioner Gordon chasing after Batgirl for the murder of his son and Batgirl’s brother. (In case you didn’t know, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon.  Commissioner Gordon’s daughter)  In any case, these Zero Year stories were okay but I wanted to read the last part of these incredible stories and so I had to wait until issue 26.

So when I finally read issue 26 of Batgirl, I was happy to see a resolution.  It didn’t lessen my annoyance that I had to wait for the ending of this story but  still enjoyed it.  Then I read Nightwing and I got this new chapter of a story that while I enjoyed, where was the ending of the previous story that I was reading and enjoying?  I was so confused that I decided to text Kyle Higgins, the writer of Nightwing asking him what the heck happened.  The answer I got was that the story was dropped and they (the-powers-that-be) just decided to move on.  So I am reading this new part of an on-going adventure without knowing how the previous story ended and it bothers me.  Maybe more than it should but it bothers me.  By making this decision, the people who have are in charge with this comic series is telling me that they don’t seem to care about the comic book readers.  I don’t know if this was just bad planning or a bad judgement call or whatever, but to just scrap a story that looked I thought had one more issue left to it and move on doesn’t do your fans any good.

Now maybe I’m being harsh.  I can’t believe whoever is in charge would just scrap the last issue of a story without reason.   Maybe whoever is in charge needed to have Nightwing in a particular place by a particular issue and so they couldn’t afford to tell the last issue of the story I was enjoying.  Most likely I will never know the real reason why the story I was interested in and invested in was scrapped and I don’t blame the creative team.  I’m sure they are as bummed out about not being able to finish the story as I am not being able to read it and I hope at some point, I get to find out what happened to this story.  I want to know how it ends.  I hope at some point in time we’ll see what happened when Nightwing and Tony Zucco teamed-up.  I want to know what happened with the mayor.  I want to know why vigilantes are outlawed in Chicago.  I sincerely hope that Kyle Higgins gets to tell his stories.  I hope he gets to tell them and I hope that editorial allows him to do so.  So until next time, be seeing you.