Grayson #1

Monday, July 14th, 2014

One of my favorite characters in comics is Dick Grayson.  Not Robin.  Not Nightwing but Dick Grayson.  It probably has to do with the fact that when I started reading comics, one of the first books I read was a random Detective Comics from the 60’s and there was Robin, the Boy Wonder.  He was awesome.  Here was this other kid who was fighting crime with Batman and having adventures with Superman.  I used to pretend I was Dick Grayson and as I got older, so did he.  I watched him go from Boy Wonder to Nightwing and even take a turn as Batman before going back to Nightwing,

I remember hearing about this new direction for Dick Grayson and I wasn’t sure at first.  Dick Grayson: Super Spy.  I was excited about it but I was also unsure.  This is one of my favorite superheroes and he’s going into a genre that I like but didn’t know how the character would fit.  Then of course you had the creative team that I wasn’t entirely familiar with and you have hesitation.  All that changed when I read the first issue.

The first page baiscally goes over who Dick Grayson is and it’s done very well.  Then we get into the story which is basically an adventure on board a speeding train.  Very spy-ish.  Dick Grayson and his partner are assigned to pick up this Russian man named Ninel. who is more than meets the eye.  Dick and his partner as with any mission meet resistance whether it’s the sexy blonde that tries to use her womanly ways to grab the target or a guest appearance by Midnighter from Storm Watch.  The issue was action-packed with lots of pretty cool moments throughout.

 This first issue is a really good introduction to the new status quo of Dick Grayson’s life.  It doesn’t go too much into how he got to this point but you can read it and get invested in what’s going on.  I like the re-introduction of Helena Bertinelli in this series.  From what I understand, she’s going to be the seasoned vet when it comes to the spy business and will in a way be Dick’s mentor.  I like the Sypral, the organization that Dick is now working for.  We get a glimpse at the end what kind of group Spyral is and we even here if from Midnighter that Spyral isn’t really on the up and up.  We also realize that DIck knows that and that he’s joined the group for a particular reason.

While reading the first issue and getting an idea for what the series could be, I got the sense that the creators were going after an “Alias” feel.  No, the comic book but the television series created by J.J Abrams.  Dick is playing the Sydney Bristow character in that he’s infiltrated an organization at the behest of his mentor to figure out what this organization is about and if they are indeed a threat.  Having read this issue, my mind is thinking about all of the really cool possibilities that could play out in the upcoming issues.  What happens if Dick’s mission is found out?  What happens if Dick succeeds in his mission?  The creative team of Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin really hooked me with this first issue and I can’t wait for more.


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