Top Five Games I’d Like to see in the style of Skyrim.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

I’m a fan of video games.  I remember my first Atari and playing these incredible pixelated games with much joy.  For me, video games are such an escape.  It transports you to a different world and allows you to do things that, well you just can’t do in the real world.  I remember when I first played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and absolutely fell in love.  I loved the customization power you had when it came to your character and the world you were a part of was so vast and so detailed and so fun to explore.  The things I loved about this game only improved with the creation of Skyrim.  When I play these games, I always daydream about how cool it would be to see certain franchises making games in this kind of style.  So therefore, here is the top 5 games I would love to see in the Oblivion/Skyrim style:

5. Superhero: This has been done before in various MMOs but I still like this as a Skyrim style game.  Your character gets into an accident where he or she develops powers.  When you are discovered by your mentor, this is where you can customize your character’s looks, powers and superhero costume.  From there, you travel the world doing good deeds or maybe your turn and become evil.  It’s all up to you.

4. Urban Fantasy:  This would be a lot like Skyrim or Oblivion but it would be in a city setting rather than some Middle Earth setting.  Your character could be anything from a mage or a warrior or a vampire or werewolf or maybe some combination.  From there you travel around your city, doing missions, exploring the world and having adventures.

3. Zombie Apocalypse:  Zombies are in.  I’m a fan of the Walking Dead and I would love to immerse myself in this world.  The game would start off with your character coming out of a coma and the world is different from the world you remember.  When you meet someone who tells you what’s happened, this is where you customize your character.  From there, you have just one mission.  Survive.  You can explore the world around you, try and find supplies and shelter.  Will you align yourself with a group or do it alone?  You decide.  If done right, this could be a game that I could see myself playing for hours on end.

2. The World of Harry Potter: This is another one that I think would be awesome.  I see it like this.  Your character goes to platform nine and three quarters.  Someone greets you and shows you where to go.  It’s there that you decide what your Hogwarts wizard looks like.  From there, as you ride the train to Hogwarts, you can do some actions that will shape your character and more importantly decide which class the sorting hat puts you in.  From there, you attend classes, have adventures and explore the world of Hogwarts.  Make friends and enemies.  Join the quid ditch team and more importantly, learn spells, potions and learn how to duel.  The world of Harry Potter is steep in history and it would be fun to run around it .

1. Green Lantern: I have been thinking about this one for some time.  Probably since I was knee deep into Oblivion.  With this game, I could see it like this.  You’re an unnamed recruit brought to Oa after being selected to become the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps.  You’re greeted by Kilowog who wonders how someone like your character got selected.  This is where you get to choose, your race, gender and customize your character’s look.  Then you get a tutorial of how the mechanics of the game works and you can decide how you want to wield your ring.  Once you finished the tutorial, you’ve become a full-fledged member of the Green Lantern Corps and you go on missions to different planets and complete random quests and it would be awesome and I would be playing it way too much.

So those are my picks for games I would love to see.  Got your own ideas?  Post then in the comment section and until then, game on!


6 comments on “Top Five Games I’d Like to see in the style of Skyrim.

  1. Genesis says:

    5, 3, 2!!!! Retired skyrim addict here 🙂

    • jaydee74 says:

      I remember playing Oblivion and I think when I was done and looked at the total amount of hours that I had played I was shocked. Then Skyrim came out. It was a good thing I had a kid by that point or I would have been sucked into that game forever.

  2. Sal Loria says:

    Harry Potter would be an amazing idea; here’s hoping someone else with big pockets had the same thought…

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